The Fellah Hotel team is not only focused on entertaining the youngest, but also the teens. Therefore a programcreated especially for teens, which is called Thinking/Developing/Meeting. The activities are based in cultural, music and sports workshops. These workshops will include a wide range of activities such as;

  • Film analysis and script-writing.
  • Discovery of the Dar al-Ma`mun`s Residence.
  • Meeting with artists, initiation into contemporary artistic practices.
  • Workshops of literary reading and writing.
  • Initiation into “DeeJaying” with the members of the “Runtomorrow Label”.
  • English boxing and Full Contact with Coach Freddy.


This particular program is designed so that the teenagers can take advantage of all the Fellah Hotel can offer. The artistic and creative workshops will be coached and supervised by the artists in the Dar al-Mamun Residence. They will help with the film watching, script writing, literary reading and writing and all the artistic and creative tasks. However for the DJ Workshop the Runtomorrow Label will be coaching the teens and showing them the ultimate “deejaying” techniques. Finally for the English Boxing and the Full Contact lessons Fellah`s personal trainer Freddy will introduce everyone to the noble art.