In the latest of Jonathan’s Journal, Jonathan’s virtual journey takes us on a visit to the island of Vulcano in the Aeolian Islands and the beautiful Therasia Resort and Spa. The islands have so much to offer, starting with the incredible views and a relaxing vibe – in Jonathan’s latest journey he highlights some of the reasons to visit.

Stunning seascapes

Set in the sparkling Tyrrenhian Sea, the seven islands that make up the Aeolian Islands each have their own character and appeal.  Taking a journey through the water is nothing short of magical and is a great way to see the islands – Lipari, Vulcano, Salina, Panarea, Stromboli, Filicudi and Alicudi – in all their glory.  Staying at Therasia Resort and Spa, where boats can be hired for the day with or without a skipper, Jonathan set out on an afternoon’s voyage to discover the beauty of the Aeolian Island seascape.  The highlight of the Aeolian archipelago is Stromboli, an active volcano island which shoots intermittent eruptions into the sky and best viewed at night.  The islands make perfect stop off points for a picnic lunch, prepared by the hotel’s team and loaded onto the boat before you set off.

Take in the view

That’s exactly what Jonathan did when he ascended the Gran Cratere on the island of Vulcano, amongst the rocks of the volcano’s slopes.  Walk around the rim and look down into the funnel shaped crater. Be ready for the intense smell of sulphur and note that the temperature within can reach up to 400°C. The view is the main reason to trek to the top – it is incomparable and offers a full view of the archipelago.

Gourmet thrills

The gourmet experience at Therasia Resort is very much the life blood of the hotel. In Jonathan’s Journal, Jonathan (glass in hand!) chats to the people that make this element of Therasia what it is.  Learn the inspiration behind the one Michelin star Il Cappero restaurant and the new vegetarian Il Tenerumi restaurant.  Il Cappero is very much an elegant and refined dining experience where Executive Chef Giuseppe Biuso uses the best quality ingredients to create superb yet simple dishes which are enjoyed alongside enchanting views of the islands.  Dining at Il Cappero is definitely a highlight.

The culinary treats at Therasia Resort continue at I Tenerumi Vegetarian Restaurant which is the newest dining experience at the hotel.  If you think vegetarian food cannot be gourmet, think again. Incredible flavours, colours and smells are typical of Chef Davide Guidara’s creative Mediterranean cuisine. All ingredients are organic and locally sourced and served in the most beautiful location overlooking the Aeolian Islands. This was a particular highlight for Jonathan who again, glass in hand, enjoyed the most superb food and experience at I Tenerumi.

Luxury and relaxation

Whilst there is lots to see and experience at Therasia Resort it is very much a spot to indulge in downtime, take in your surroundings and utterly relax.  The resort’s spa offers a full menu of relaxing therapies and then there’s simply the view – sit by the pool with a good book or just gaze out to sea.

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August 2022