Xav Deviana, never one to stay lying by a pool all day, decided to test out the locally known path of the gods and reports of his experience walking from Casa Angelina to Positano. Please read on for the full experience and hopefully you will try it yourself on your next trip to the Amalfi coast !…We started our walk to Positano after a delicious breakfast at the Casa Angelina Hotel where we spent a amazing couple of nights in April. Departing straight from the hotel we walked along a narrow path through the houses of Praiano; continuing through the village of Praiano on to “the Path of the Gods” as it is known locally; although the goats we met definitely were of the opinion that it belonged to them, so Path of the Goats would be an equally apt description. Our first stop was the Convento Dominico.ps3On the way up we came across a Shepherd herding his goats back to the village for milking – there were a least a hundred of them.We had a little rest at the Convento where, the young owner told us about the history of the place and sold us some fresh local lemonade and goat`s cheese. We then continued up the path towards Positano.The path from the convent is steeper and not as manicured as the steps from Praiano to the convent. Having said that the terrain is beautiful and looking down at the white villages, the winding road and the sea is quite something. In the distance is the island of Capri.We continued our trek up to the base of a cliff and then followed the path through shady woods, over little streams along the contours of the cliffs. All the while enjoying the magnificent views and being above the traffic jam below. We eventually got to a stunning little hamlet – and descended the hundreds of steps to the main road below. A little walk along it and we were in Positano. As we were walking to the beach we came across La Sireneuse hotel and popped in for a light lunch at the pool terrace. The https://www.citydental.co.uk/buy-lyrica-pregabalin/ view over the town and the beach is really quite something as was the food and the service.We then continued down to the beach where – not wishing to face the long walk back up or the traffic, we organised a water taxi back to Praiano – (15E) each.We were back in 15 minutes and got to see some amazing properties from the water. We also saw the walk that we`d done.The walk took about 3 hours and is fairly easy – good shoes, water, hat and sunscreen advisable. Some places are steep but I think it adds to the walk. The boat back closes the loop nicely.From the beach where we were dropped off it was a 4 minute walk to the hotel and straight into the pool.ps1ps2ps4ps6ps8FROM TOP – Sign to the Convento Dominico 2. The Goats on their way down for Milking 3. Looking down at Praiano 4. Looking at the Convent and below Praiano 5. Positano 6. the pyramid of Postitano 7. the terrace at the Sireneuse 8.What we walked 9. View of Capri in the distance from walk 10. Praiano from the boat after a super day!!