The Farm Yard is the first workshop kids` will be introduced to. It consists of an educational farm where kids will receive an environmental education. Which will give children a taste of rural Moroccan life, giving them a sense of responsibility, respect of the living and therefore learning citizenship.

  • Awakening of Senses

It consists of seeing, touching, smelling and above all, discovering plants, trees, vegetables, goats, hens, roosters, rabbits, donkeys and all the other animals that are spread around the Fellah Farm. So this first part will be a kind of introduction to the farm environment at Fellah Hotel.

  • Animals

In this program kids will be introduced to the daily activities that have to be done in order to keep the maintenance of the farm and its animals.They will also be taught how to take care of the animals. They will also be able to milk cows, collect chickens` eggs, stroke rabbits, brush down donkeys, walk goats, cut the sheep`s wool and become little shepherds according to their wishes and desires.


  • Vegetable Garden

In the vegetable garden, the Fellah team will introduce the kids to the techniques of planting and taking care of vegetables and fruits. Each child will handle his/her own small section of the field and will gather  and plant her/his own. Later on they will be introduced to the gathering process so that they can gather their own plants, that will contribute to their own lunch and dinner (in the Cooking Workshop).

  • Naturom

On this part of the workshop, children will learn how to manufacture materials in order to have a product. In this workshop they will be introduced to the process of making natural soap. They will learn the importance of the chemistry precision and the transforming of it into soap. Therefore they will be introduced to the concept of saponification and the different methods of fabrication and the choice of ingredients according to their virtues and measures.