“Ischia earthquake” news

A lot of news is being reported by national and international media about the earthquake that struck the island of Ischia, so in the below we attempt to clarify the reality of the brief events on the Island.

On 21st August 2017 at around 9 pm, there was a singular and low-magnitude earthquake in a small borgo (village), outside of the main tourist areas, in the mountainous area of Casamicciola Terme, where some old houses and dry walls collapsed. The rest of the island was not affected by the earthquake and people have barely perceived the event. Please note that, as reported by Civil Protection, this was a tectonic and not a volcanic earthquake and the event is closely monitored by the National Geophysical Institute.

Tourist facilities, thermal parks, lidos, restaurants and all other facilities on the area have not been damaged and are working as usual.

Both the main and secondary roads are free, and public and private transport, as well as sea connections are available; connections by ferry or hydrofoil, in particular, both to reach and leave the island, have not been subject to change or cancellation. Indeed, there are even more connections available for any persons wishing to leave the Island.

All operators working in the hospitality field are working to provide information and reassure guests and are fully available to meet all their needs.

Our staff on the ground in Ischia are available if you need information and is already in contact with guests on the island and those who are about to arrive.