FELLAH KIDS Easter Break program 2014Two weeks of FUN and ENTERTAINMENT at Fellah Kids with Alexandre Roccoli!In addition to the usual Fellah Kids program we have a special Easter program with Alexandre Roccoli

“Alexandre Rossi Program” runs from April 14th -18th + April 21st – 25th

Fellah Kids Program Easter 2014 

This Easter edition of the FELLAH KIDS is proud to announce the participation of Alexandre Roccoli, a french dancer and choreographer currently residing at Dar al-Ma’mun, who will provide the children with an enriching and unusual program!

For this edition we have decided to focus on body language through the viewing of film and cartoon sequences! The films will be masterpieces from the French, English, American and moroccan movie culture. Encouraging the children to discover other languages and to communicate with each other despite the barrier of the tongue!

IMG_7522Our instructors all speak french, english and arabic!

The children will reenact the movie scenes and get the chance to work on acting, dancing, costume designing, stage setting, filming…

Alex will share his experience on body movement and corporal expression with the children and teach them how to play a character and grasp it’s physical distinctive features! Each film or cartoon will inspire different workshops that will trigger the children’s interest in handycrafts and creative processes! Painting, sewing, do-it-yourself works, … all with regional materials and drawing inspiration from local techniques and ways of doing!

An Example day at Fellah Kids:-

10h: *Doors open*

10h-12h: viewing of the sequence of a film such as:  The little Rascals, Peter Pan, La guerre des boutons, Grease… + thorough observation of the scene and set up of a “working program” for the 2 coming days!

12h-14h: Lunch break + playtime / the children will have the possibility to join their parents for lunch or stay at Fellah Kids to share a meal together!

14h-16h: workshops / acting, dancing, costume designing, film setting…

16h: the parents can pick up their children

16h-18h: *Swimming Time* in the pool of the Fellah Kids (under surveiliance of childcare staff)

18h30-20h: A screening of the film that they have worked on during the day will be proposed to the kids and their parents in the Cinema Projection Room of the Fellah Hotel.

For more information contact sales@workham.com or call +44 207 7368287