The Cultural Workshop consists in meeting the Dar al-Ma`mûn resident artists so that the kids are introduced into the world of art and creation. Together, children and artists will create works of art with the objective of making them have a better idea on how artist work nowadays. During this workshop parents may accompany their children during the stages of creation, so that they can see through their own eyes how artists work (and of course their kids) and maybe learn something about artistic creation. The art pieces the kids will be focused on include collage, drawing, architecture, painting, comic strip…All in the presence of the Dar al-Ma`mûn artists. So the main objective of this workshop is to introduce kids into elementary knowledge of artistic practices. The cultural workshop will take place every afternoon (holidays only) from 14:00 h. – 16:30 h.


Also the Dar al-Ma`mûn Residence has a big library with many books written in English, French and Arabic. In addition, all children will also be introduced to literature and to African story tales. This will take place during the night, when all workshops are finished children will be able to campfire with a Senegalese griot master who will relate the ancient cultural tales of Africa.