This is one of the workshops children will be introduced to at Fellah Kids Hotel. In this workshop children will learn how to cook creatively in a recreational and festive way. The Fellah Restaurant team will be supervising this workshop, parents are also invited to come and see how their children are getting on.


In this particular workshop kids will not only learn how to cook, but also to carry out all kinds of recipes. They will also be visiting other cultures through a journey of different culinary traditions to get to know the vast variety of moroccan cuisine. The Cooking Workshop is completely related to one of the tasks that they will have to do in their Countryside Workshop. They will have a vegetable garden, where they will grow their own vegetables and fruits coached by the Fellah gardeners. Later on,  childs will be asked to gather their vegetables and their fruits and to bring them to the Cooking Workshop. Finally on the Cooking Workshop, they will learn how to make their own dinner and other kinds of desserts. However the Fellah Restaurant Team realize how children feel about vegetables and how they love sweets. So they will also teach them how to make their own sweets, such as multi-coloured sugar-covered shortbread crescents. The Fellah team will also try to stimulate kids imagination by making them turn their Moroccan crescent bread into different shapes and forms.

The Workshop will start each day at 18:00 and will finish at 19:30. During those 90 minutes,  kids will be making their own dinner with the fruits and vegetables they gathered from their previous workshop, The Countryside. So, the objective of this workshop is to bring children closer to nature and to the cooking world.