Dating back to the second half of the 13th Century, the Venice Historical Regatta is a spectacular competition whose origins are firmly entrenched in the history of Venice, as the maritime nation considered it vital to have expert oarsmen. It took place for the first time the 10th of January 1315 under the rule of the Doge Giovanni Soranzo.

The regata or rowing race is the most specifically Venetian of local competitive events and has always exerted considerable appeal for both Venetians and visitors. It is probable that similar events were already popular: Venice was essentially a seafaring city and ready reserves of expert oarsmen were a prime necessity.

A typical regatta has always comprised various races using different kinds of boats and on the occasion of a regatta, the Lagoon in front of St. Mark’s and the Grand Canal is always teeming with decorated craft of all kinds, full of passionately keen spectators. To clear the course of the race and to keep order, the regatta used to be preceded by a fleet of bissone, typical long boats containing noblemen standing in the bows and armed with bows. Their job was to pelt the more unruly of the spectators with terracotta shot. Now the bissone still head the procession before the races, but they no longer perform a disciplinary function.

The Regata Storica as we know it now, with its commemorative cortege acting as a prelude to the competitions, was conceived at the end of the 19th century for the 3rd Biennale d’Arte as a way of offering another tourist attraction.

Suasana perlombaan perahu gondola saat acara ‘Regata Storica’ (Regatta Sejarah) di Venesia, 5 September 2010.

The 2019 event takes place on September 1st 2019

From 4.00 pm to 6.30 pm – Buffet Aperitif

Dinner starting from 19:00

Ravioli pasta with Snapper, Scampi sauce with Yellow cherry Tomato and Pistachio

Amberjack in Potato and Lime crust, Season Vegetable Pie and Bergamot Sauce

Prickly Pear Parfait with White Chocolate and Dried Fruits Brittle

Euro 150,00 +10% VAT per person, beverage excluded

To book please email or call Tel: +39 041 2413111
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